How to Grow, Care & Propagate Begonia Maculata(Polka Dot Begonia)

These methods are beginners friendly

Begonia Maculata or Polka Dot Begonia or Angel Wing Begonia.

How much light does a Polka Dot plant require?

The Begonia Maculata can be presented to two unique kinds of daylight openness: brilliant, backhanded daylight, yet additionally lower light circumstances.

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How should you water your Polka Dot plant?

A Begonia Maculata is a plant that loves to be in damp soil. This implies you should water it routinely.

What is the best soil for your Begonia Maculata?

Begonia Maculata plants like to be in sodden soil, so you should discover a dirt blend that holds water very well.

How to grow Polka Dot Begonia?

The Begonia Maculata is a blooming plant, which implies it requires manure from time to time to have sufficient energy to have the option to continue to develop.

How should you assist the blossoms?

Flowers of Polka Dot Begonia plant(Image credit)

How to regulate the humidity?

The Dotted Begonia plant is local to the rainforests of Brazil, where it develops on the backwood floor under the shelter of trees.

How to regulate the temperature?

Begonia Maculata is a tropical plant that stays glad in hotter temperatures.

Is Polka Dot plant toxic?

The Begonia Maculata is viewed as a non-harmful plant, nonetheless, they could cause light bothering and spewing.


The Begonia Maculata appears to be much harder to deal with than it really is.

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