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Here we regularly write about gardening, different types of gardening plants and equipment.


  • David Acaster

    David Acaster

    British, retired, loves reptiles & amphibians, keen on history, steam locomotives, travel, real ale and still trying to master that Fender Stratocaster.



    Trained Gardener and Art Historian works now as a garden journalist. Was born in 1980 in the Ruhrgebiet. Wants to spice up gardening in Germany.

  • Richard Petrone

    Richard Petrone

    Freelance writer, husband, father, decent cook, average gardener.

  • Fitness World

    Fitness World

    We value your life

  • Holly Howard

    Holly Howard

    Writer/Guitarist/Audio Engineer in ATX. Avid anti-gatekeeper and self-reflectionist.

  • Wilma Harris

    Wilma Harris

    Author of real life stories. I love nature and the outdoors and are born with this urge to make sense of any mystery. Always seeking for alternatives #optimist

  • Debasish Bose

    Debasish Bose

    Android Developer, Runner, Swimmer, Training for Half Marathon.

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