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The scientific name of Polka Dot Begonia is Begonia maculate. It is also called Spotted Begonia, Trout Begonia, Angel Wing Begonia, and Polka Dot Begonia.

Begonias are lovely plants and they’re shockingly simple to deal with.

Begonias come in all shapes and estimates and can be very scary because it has such countless subtleties on it.

Fortunately, nothing is further from reality. In this aide, we’ll center around the Begonia Maculata and how to best deal with it.

We’ll go over subjects like daylight prerequisites, watering, the best soil, manure, and blossoms. …

How To Grow, Care, Propagate & Overwinter Wax Begonia?

Wax begonia flower clusture
Wax begonia flower clusture

Brief Introduction to Wax Begonia

Taxonomic Classification ( Biological Classification)

Kingdom : Plantae

Order : Cucurbitales

Family : Begoniaceae

Genus : Begonia

Species : Begonia semperflorens

How to grow, care, propagate & overwinter Wax Begonia? What are the common problems associated with it? Learn here…

There are hundreds of species in the plant genus Begonia with a large variety of colours and shades of petals.

Here we will discuss one of the popular varieties of the Begonia plant, the Wax Begonia whose scientific name is Begonia semperflorens.

Wax Begonia is also called fibrous begonia.

This plant is resistant to deer because it is distasteful to…

Every Detail Regarding Gopher Plant And Its Gardening is Discussed in This Article

Brief Description

Family : Plantae

Order : Malpighiales

Family : Euphorbiaceae

Genus : Euphorbia

Scientific Name : Euphorbia rigida

How to grow, care, prune a Gopher plant? Are they poisonous to pets like dogs or cats? Learn here

Gopher Plants are succulent plants that mean these plants have thickened, fleshy, and engorged body parts, these are to retain water in arid regions [A region with a severe lack of water].

The succulent word is derived from the Latin word ‘sucus’, which means ‘sap’ or ‘juice’. Gopher plants can store water in their body.

The length of a fully grown gopher plant can…

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